Slow Food Farm is small farm just Northeast of Austin, Texas owned by Harry and Jennifer Huf.  It is a place where all animals, even those whose destiny is the dinner plate, are treated with respect and kindness.  Each animal on the farm is seen as an individual and is fed, housed, and interacted with in the way most reasonably natural for that species.  The Slow Food Farm cows, for example, eat grass from organically managed pastures and hays, along with a little organic alfalfa hay when the pasture grasses are brown, plus they are offered free choice minerals and salt.  They do not get protein tubs, range cubes, corn, or any other supplemental feed.  The laying hens roam in a large pasture with plenty of green grass, lots of tasty bugs, and sandy areas perfect for scratching.  Chickens need a little additional nutritional support though, so they are provided a free choice organic feed from Coyote Creek Farm in Elgin, Texas.

Slow Food Farm is currently populated with meat chickens, free-range laying hens for the tastiest eggs, beef cattle, goats, pastured pigs, and rabbits. A dairy cow and Gulf Coast Sheep will arrive this summer. Friends and customers of the farm are can stay up-to-date on farm happenings by reading the farm  blog.

The animals are really the stars of the farm, so please meet some of our critters and let them say, “Welcome To The Farm.”

Sha-nay-nay says hi