Farm Principles

Slow Food Farm is guided by the following principles:

Slow Food Farm uses only those farming methods which are environmentally sustainable. This includes maintaining lower stocking rates that compliment the quantity of resources available on the farm, including water (the farm’s limiting factor), grass, and pasture space. Some feedstuffs cannot be sustainably produced on-farm, so those products are sought from local sources also practicing sustainable farming methods. No genetically modified grain is ever purchased or fed to any animal on the farm, because genetically modified crops are not sustainable. Slow Food Farm is working towards rain water collection and solar energy to help meet its goal of increased sustainability.

Slow Food Farm is also fiscally sustainable. While profit is not the sole driving factor, it is required to keep the farm functioning. Harry and Jennifer do not use loans, or other debts, to fund any part of the farm. If any one aspect of the farm does not generate enough income to cover its own expenses, then that component is either revamped, if appropriate, or deemed fiscally unsustainable and scrapped. Sometimes Slow Food Farm becomes Slow Money Farm, but that slow and steady growth will provide a solid financial foundation on which the farm can thrive and survive, even in bad years.

In lieu of assigning a label such as organic, beyond organic, or all natural to its products, Slow Food Farm has adopted a policy of transparency. Anyone interested in Slow Food Farm products is welcome to visit the farm to see first hand how the animals are raised, treated, fed, and even processed. There are certain comprises of domestication Harry and Jennifer must use to successfully raise animals, but they are open and honest about what these compromises are and the reasons behind them.

Aside from the unsustainable methods used to produce genetically modified crops, Slow Food Farm does not purchase these products because of the way the genetically modified seed producing companies treat their employees and farmers. Slow Food Farm treats its animals and farm workers with respect, dignity and compassion. The farm strives to never unfairly exploit any farm participant, including its animals, laborers, or patrons.