Slow Food Farm currently offers the following products for sale:

EGGS Currently not in production but will be soon.  Taylor Farm and Big Huffy Eggs are both great sources for eggs in the meantime.
CHICKEN Whole processed chickens are available from chickens raised on-farm, in portable coops that are moved daily to a new piece of organically-managed pasture. The chickens are supplemented with an organic, soy-free feed and processed on-site by hand. Please e-mail for information regarding where Slow Food Farm’s chicken can be found and for pricing.
RABBIT Fryer (young, tender) rabbits are available several times throughout the year. The rabbits are fed organic alfalfa hay, organic coastal hay, organically managed yard clippings and an organic supplemental feed. There are plans in works too to raise these rabbits directly on the pasture in the near future. Farm-direct rabbit meat is available for $6.00 per pound. Please e-mail for ordering and availability information. Rabbit is also available via delivery to Austin for a small convenience fee.
GRASS-FED BEEF Meat from the 2011 calves is nearly sold out, but Slow Food Farm has another calf due soon.  Please e-mail for availability.
PASTURED PORK Pork is currently available (as of February 2012). Please e-mail regarding availability of cuts and price.