Pork Price & Cut Sheet

Slow Food Farm’s Winter 2012 Pork Cut & Price List


Currently we are SOLD OUT of pork until the end of April.  Please email if you would like to be notified when more is available.  In the meantime, you can find some of our super tasty pastured pork at The Sassy Pea in Leander.

Ground Pork $6.00/lb
In one pound packages, ground meat is the most versatile meat there is. We get fresh, unseasoned ground in lieu of pan sausage so we can make our own sausage fresh every time we cook it.  For breakfast we may add a little maple syrup, cinnamon and some dried apple, mix it up and then pan fry.  Finely chopped fresh veggies and herbs make a great dinner sausage mix.

Pork Chops                                                            $7.00/lb
Pork chops are the T-Bone of the pig.  These thick chops cook up quick in a skillet (we use cast-iron), they’re great on the grill or you can bake ‘em or even fry them up for a special pork chop treat.  No matter what cooking method you chose you will be able to taste the pastured pig difference.  Make sure to cook these a little lower and slower than that terrible grocery store pork.

Fresh Ham Steaks                                                $7.00/lb
Ham steaks look a lot like a pork chop but they’re off a different part of the pig.  Equally tasty there are a lot of good recipes on-line to help you quick up these delights in a way that will make you shun cured ham in the future.

Pork Belly/Fresh Bacon (Uncured)            $7.00/lb
Definitely the “it” meat of this year and last, pork belly is great roasted or braised.  It can be sliced and used as fresh bacon too.  Even un-smoked the quality and taste of this cut is unrivaled.

Shoulder Roast                                                      $6.00/lb
Roasts can slow cook all day long for a great meal when you come in after a long day.   Their aromas will permeate your house while cooking but require little hands on prep time, so they make for an easy meal.  Not just for the crock-pot, these guys are great slow smoked on the pit too. Shred the left-overs and toss with a little bar-b-que sauce for pulled pork sandwiches.

Fat                                                                                $1.00/lb
This food-grade fat can be added to leaner meats, such as deer, to keep sausage from being dry.  It is also good for cooking with or it can be used in soap making.
Only two large bags of ~20lbs each are available