Beef Price & Cut Sheet

Slow Food Farm’s Fall 2011 Grass-Fed Beef Cut & Price List

Please note prices listed are the farm-direct prices.  There will be slight mark-up at any retail outlet carrying our products – a small price to pay for the convenience of not having to drive out to the farm or coordinate with us directly.

SOLD OUT at the farm. Boggy Creek Farm and Bastrop Producer’s Market still have a limited supply in-stock.

The premier cut of meat off the calf.  This calf was young so the steaks will be smaller then off of some-jumbo feedlot cow and they don’t have a ton of marbling (heavy marbling results from grain feeding), however they’re tender and super tasty.

T-Bones                                                            $9.00/lb

Sirloin                                                            $8.00/lb

The original set-it-and-forget-it, these cuts are great for those days when you don’t really want to cook, but still want an excellent dinner.

Brisket                                                            $7.00/lb
Smoked is the typical Texas way to cook a brisket and every bar-b-que master has their own variation of how to turn this meat into mealtime bliss.  These briskets are small though which makes them perfect for roasting or putting in the crock pot. Just remember this cut is way less fatty than those grocery store briskets, so cook low and slow.  ONLY TWO BRISKETS LEFT.